Our UC platform is a full service cloud system that allow operators to manage virtually everything from enabling SIM cards at Mobil operators to set price list, build a Cloud-PBX, and enable a wide range of users applications such as a regular Business IP Phone, Microsoft Teams client, MobileAPP or a Communicator for the PC. The platform is extremely user friendly and yet it interconnects the whole ecosystem and becomes a one-stop-shop for all telephony.

White label self-serv platform

Key features:
– Design harmonize with your corporate profile and logotype
РMultitenent 3 level support:  enduser, reseller and partner
– Individual billing and invoice settings for all levels
– Easy administration self-serv portal for all levels

Cloud or on site installation

The platform support both on premises installation as well as on a Cloud Service Provider. Since low network latency¬† is vital to deliver a premium service it’s important to verify the Cloud provider’s connectivity.

Additional switching-systems to interconnect:
– Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
– Mobile Phone Network

Application Interface (API)

The platform supports a wide range of APIs and we are constantly adding new functionalities.

Business applications supported:
– Bank/payment
– CDR rating
– CRM, ie salesforce
– Invoice printing service
– Callboards