Turnkey solution for replacing ISDN

In 2009-2015 the Swedish public phone-company Telia decided to shutdown it’s ISDN network and forced all it’s PBX subscribers to other technologies. To avoid downtime the PBX owners needed to change it’s telecom infrastructure or upgrade it’s existing PBX with an IP-card witch both were costly and required planing. In this turbulent times we succeeded to design and launch our groundbreaking service ISDN via (s)ip. Instead of increasing cost our service decreased it and required no work at all. Our Gateway hardware has 1-8 ISDN(BRI) or 1-4 PRI  interfaces on one side and SIP via Ethernet/IP on the other. In other words, by replaced the ISDN lines with our gateway and transferred the customer phone number to our infrastructure the total cost of ownership decreased due to no physical lines. The customer continues to use it’s existing PBX-hardware. In addition our solution supports hybrid-mode mixing the  ISDN via (s)ip with our other services such as UC-PBX,  Mobile integration (MEX), MobileAPP, Microsoft Teams, the PC Communicator and Wall board statistics.

The TerraTEL turnkey solution for ISDN exchange is fully automated and supports all major PBX brands: LG, Simens, Mitel, Ericsson, Samsung, Panasonic, Aastra and Avaya.

 Key features

– 1-8 ISDN (BRI) interfaces including gateway hardware
– 1-4 PRI interfaces including gateway hardware
– Sip-trunk
– Easy installation with prebuild PBX configurations for all brands on the  market